Use of Logo & Brand

The Crofts Estate Agents Youth Football League has taken pride over the past few years in creating a well known and visual brand. Part of that brand is the main league logo.

The Crofts Estate Agents Youth Football League have worked tirelessly over the years with partners to promote and support our vision and as such we value the use of where our logo is used.

In order to protect its use the logo is subject to copyright legislation and is covered under two separate licences. These are explained below:

Non-Commercial: Anyone can use the logo for any non-commercial basis. This includes clubs using the logo on advertising and websites/social media sites where no individual user has benefited commercially from its use.

Non-Commercial licence does not require permission as we encourage teams and non-profits to use our logo to enhance their own brand/identity.

Commercial licence: Anyone who is benefiting commercially from the use of the image must have written permission from the league before its use. This includes printing the logo on materials such as clothing or equipment, using the logo in a way to make suggestions of any tie ins with our league or simply using it on a commercial social media site.

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