Firstly, Congratulations on reaching the final this year. As with all finals it is a prestigious occasion and as such this page will highlight the days events.

All cup finals will be played at Bradley Football Development Centre. There will be no charge for spectators this year at cup finals so please feel free to invite as many spectators as you wish to make it extra special for your players.

All goals/respect barriers will be erected on your arrival for 9v9 games. Please ensure your parents/spectators are behind the barriers at all times. If you are on the 9v9 pitches you will need your RESPECT officer to monitor this.

Please liaise with your opponents in terms of kits you wish to wear. If this cannot be agreed the first named team will have the choice of kit colour.

The FA’s RESPECT Handshake will take place at ALL finals.

After each final a short presentation will take place to present the winners with the main trophy. All individual mementos for the winners, runners-up and match officials will be given out at the league’s presentation evening on Sunday 23rd June at the The Grimsby Auditorium.

Bradley Stadium Pitch Information

Changing rooms will be accessible from approx 1 hour before the first cup final. As we have cup finals playing back to back please ensure you vacate and leave the dressing rooms tidy for the next set of teams as soon as possible after the final whistle.

Rules – Cup Competitions

In the event of a draw at full time, extra time of 5 minutes each way for U12 teams, 10 minutes each way for U13 teams and above will be played in all rounds including the Final. If the result is still a draw after extra time the game will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the instructions in the Football Association Handbook.

Cup Final Dates/Times/Teams

Cup Final Dates and Teams