Changing Kick off times

A reminder that teams are able to agree to change the kick off time but not the date of the fixture (or ground). A form should be submitted when a kick off time has been changed. You must ensure you have agreed the change of kick off time with your opponents (and match referee) and changed this on the full-time website. For league provided pitches you must kick off at the specified time unless agreed with the league beforehand.

  1. Both teams should agree to new kick off time (not just the home team)
  2. If there is a league appointed referee they also need to be in agreement
  3. Team wanting the change in kick-off time submits form on website
  4. Form is completed in full
  5. Team changes kick-off time on FULL-TIME website


A reminder that transfers are only allowed from 1st December until 31st January. Teams are limited to 2 per season. Transfers will need to be completed via WholeGame

No team can sign on players after 28th February in any playing season.

Mini-Soccer Referees

It is a requirement of the home club to provide a referee for mini-soccer matches. The referee who started the match should finish the match. You should not be changing referees at half time. All games should be two equal halves and not played in quarters.

It is a requirement that at least 2 responsible bodies complete the mini-soccer awareness course for each mini-soccer team in the league. There is no maximum number of bodies that can attend and the courses are provided free of charge. This can be team management and/or parents but must hold a valid DBS disclosure.

Entering Outside Competitions

Teams are reminded that you must seek permission prior to entering any outside tournament. Failure to do so may incur a fine of up to £100. 


There are no postponements within the league except for school activities. Any team unable to play a fixture please note there may be a fine of up to £100 per fixture. There is a form on the website to submit a postponement request, however this is not guaranteed and may still be fined.

Unfit Pitch Procedure

A pitch can only be deemed unfit by either the match referee or the groundsman responsible for the designated pitch. The groundsman may at their discretion leave the decision to the home team. The league may if deem necessary postpone fixtures en bloc should the weather be severe enough to avoid teams travelling or players playing in extreme weather conditions.

If the match is doubtful 2 days before the match or postponed on the day of the match you must: 

  1. Contact the opposition to let them know the match is in doubt / postponed by phone call
  2. Contact the match officials to let them know the match is in doubt / postponed by phone call 
  3. Complete the postponement form on the website with enough information to understand why the match has been postponed and by who.

The referee’s decision whether the game is playable or not is final and will not be questioned.

Respect Workshops

It is a requirement that all team managers/coaches attend a Respect Workshop each season. It is vital you attend as important information will be given out regarding Respect initiatives the league will be enforcing throughout the season. The league work hard to ensure all teams follow these rules and fines will be issued for non-compliance of any respect initiative.