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Changing Kick off times

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You are free to change the kick off time of your matches provided you have agreements with the opposition, the match referee (if appointed) and the owners of your pitch.

Once you have an agreement between all parties you MUST complete the change of kick off form available on our website (

After this you MUST then also login to full-time and alter the kick off on there as well so it is visible on FULL-TIME itself in case spot checks are undertaken by league or county FA officials.

After logging in to FULL-TIME go to Fixtures, then Update Fixtures and select the fixture you’d like to change and update the kick off time.

If no agreement is made the kick off time will stay at 2pm on Sundays and 10.30am for Saturday fixtures. There is no requirement for you to change fixture times if your team is not available for the revised time.

Note – you are unable to change kick off times at Ross Sports or Bradley FDC.