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Festivals, Trophy Events, 3v3s etc

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All festivals, trophy events, 3v3s, futsal and challenge cups are optional to enter. They are part of your annual subscription and do not cost extra to enter.

Teams may only enter these events based on their own age group except for non-competitive events. This is because mini soccer teams may only play 3 competitive events throughout the year. In our league this is a combination of 1 or 2 festivals and 1 or 2 trophy events. There may be cases where teams at a lower age group may play up a year for events such as 3v3s.

Withdrawing from any competition once fixtures have been released will result in the defaulting team being issued with a fine of up to £100.

You can find all the rules regarding these events in the handbook available on the Crofts YFL website.

For all Festival, Trophy Event and 3v3 queries please contact