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Power Play (Mini Soccer)

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For Mini Soccer development matches only teams may use the “Power Play” law:

  • If a team is losing by a four goal difference they can put an additional player on – so 5v5 becomes 6v5.
  • If the score returns to less than a four goal difference the team takes off a player. It does not have to be the last player to come on.
  • If a team goes on to be losing by a six goal difference a further additional player can be added – so 6v5 becomes 7v5.
  • The main aim of the Power Play option is that all players are being challenged and enjoying the game.
  • Power Play is available through all mini soccer football formats 5v5 and7v7.

A team may choose to use power play in any development fixture and opposing teams cannot stop a team from using this law if they wish to do so.

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