Congratulations to all who have been invited to presentation this year. As we have changed venue this means a few different steps and processes we have put in place.

Below are the listed and invited winners to the presentation events and information regarding tickets and times.

Venue & Tickets

The venue is Grimsby Auditorium and will be held on Sunday 14th May 2023.

U7/8/9/10 Teams will be 2pm (Doors open 1.30pm)

U11/12 Teams will be 4pm (Doors open approx. 3.30pm)

U13/14/15 Teams will be 6pm (Doors open approx. 5.30pm)

Tickets will be on sale Tuesday 25th April from Grimsby Auditorium directly. This will be an all ticket event with allocated seating. With this in mind we are recommending teams to nominate one person to purchase and collect tickets for their team in order to be sat together, however you can purchase your own tickets but must sit in the allocated seats and may not be sat with your team.

All players will receive free entry to the presentation and these free tickets can be collected at the same time as other tickets by your nominated person.

All other participants/spectators will be required to purchase a ticket (including coaches).

All tickets are priced at £3 each. If you are wanting to attend more than one event you will need to purchase a ticket for each.


Any team who won a trophy event and currently have their trophy can you please drop this off with Kim Leach at Western School ASAP so we can arrange this to be presented to you on the night with your medals.

U7 Winners

Champions League – Louth Town U7
Champions League – Humberston Hawks U7
Europa League – Discoveries Colts U7
Europa League – Healing Hotspurs Blue U7

Sporting Award – Louth Town Wolves U7
Sporting Award – Immingham Pilgrims AFC U7

Under 8 Winners

Champions League – Humberston Harriers U8
Champions League – Humberston Kestrels U8
Europa League – Discoveries Pelham Juniors U8
Europa League – Clee Town 1998 U8

Sporting Award – Humberston Kickstarters Ravens (U8)
Sporting Award – Grimsby Borough Girls U9 (U8)

Under 9 Winners

Champions League – Catenaccio U9
Champions League – Discoveries United U9
Europa League – Discoveries Prax U9
Europa League – Grimsby Borough Panthers U9

Sporting Award – Cleethorpes Town Tilletts Ladies (U9)
Sporting Award – Keelby United U9

Under 10 Winners

Champions League – Clee Town Owls U10
Champions League – Discoveries Wolves U10
Europa League – GCW Hornets U10
Europa League – Grimsby Borough Colts U10

Sporting Award – Cleethorpes Town Meggies U10
Sporting Award – Humberston Kickstarters Kestrels (U10)

Under 11 Winners

Champions League – Discoveries Colts U11 1
Champions League – Discoveries Dragons U11 2
Europa League – Humberston Harriers U11 1
Europa League – Grimsby Borough Colts U11 1

Cup 1 Winners – Cleethorpes Town Owls
Cup 1 Runners Up – Discoveries Colts
Cup 2 Winners – Immingham Pilgrims U11
Cup 2 Runners Up – Humberston Swifts U10

Sporting Award – Humberston Kickstarters Harriers (U11)
Sporting Award – Louth Town Blues (U11)

Under 12 Winners

Champions League – Discoveries Pumas U12 1
Champions League – Louth Town U12
Europa League – Catenaccio U11
Europa League – Grimsby Borough Athletic U12 2

Main Cup Winners – Discoveries Pumas
Main Cup Runners Up – Catenaccio U12

Orange Cup Winners – Discoveries Pumas
Orange Cup Runners Up – Catenaccio JFC U11
Blue Cup Winners – Discoveries Boys
Blue Cup Runners Up – Grimsby Borough Athletic
Grey Cup Winners – Sporting Club
Grey Cup Runners Up – Immingham Pilgrims AFC

Orange League Winners – Discoveries Pumas U12
Blue League Winners – Louth Town U12
Grey League Winners – Sporting Club Grimsby

Challenge Cup Winners – Catenaccio JFC
Challenge Cup Runners Up -Discoveries Town

Sporting Award – Discoveries Boys (U12)
Sporting Award – Grimsby Borough Athletic (U12)

Under 13 Winners

Champions League – Discoveries Eagles U13
Europa League – Humberston Kestrels U13 1

Main Cup Winners – Boca Juniors
Main Cup Runners Up – Discoveries Eagles

Orange Cup Winners – Discoveries Eagles
Orange Cup Runners Up – Cleethorpes Town Meggies
Blue Cup Winners – Cleethorpes Trinity
Blue Cup Runners Up – Discoveries All Stars
Grey Cup Winners – Cleethorpes Town 1998
Grey Cup Runners Up – Cleethorpes Town Owls U12

September Orange League Winners – Discoveries Eagles U13
September Blue League Winners – Louth Old Boys Blacks U13
September Grey League Winners – Clee Town 1998 U13

January Orange League Winners – TBA
January Blue League Winners – Cleethorpes Trinity FC
January Grey League Winners – Humberston Falcons U13 / Discoveries All Stars U13
January White League Winners – Cleethorpes Town Owls U12

Sporting Award – Waltham Ninjas (U13)
Sporting Award – Cleethorpes Town Owls U12 (U13)

Under 14 Winners

Champions League – Holton Le Clay U14 2
Europa League – Holton Le Clay U14 1

Main Cup Winners – Discoveries Howdens Grimsby
Main Cup Runners Up – Holton Le Clay FC

League Winners – Discoveries Howdens U14

Sporting Award – Catenaccio JFC (U14)
Sporting Award – Cleethorpes Town 1998 U13 (U14)

Under 15 Winners

Champions League – Discoveries Vipers 2
Europa League – Clee Town 1998 U15 1 & GCW U15 1
Champions League – Healing Hotspurs U15 2
Europa League – Sidney Park U15 2

Cup Winners – Discoveries Vipers
Cup Runners Up – Louth Town

September Orange League Winners – Discoveries Vipers U15
September Blue League Winners – Grimsby Borough Rangers

January Orange League Winners – TBA
January Blue League Winners – Cleethorpes Town 1998
January Grey League Winners – TBA

Sporting Award – Sidney Park JFC (U15)
Sporting Award – Discoveries Vipers (U15)