Throughout the season our Under 7,8,9 and U10 teams will have the opportunity to participate in up to two competitive festivals. These are usually at the start and end of the season around your development games. The league will ask for entries into the competition which will be a group basis followed by a knock out competition on a single date. These events are held at Bradley FDC on 3G between 1pm and 5pm. These are split based on ability and you’ll only participate in one session either (1pm – 3pm or 3pm – 5pm).

League referees will be provided where possible and these events are included within your monthly league subscription. Entry is optional and you’ll need to ensure you have booked a place in these events.

Trophy Events

Trophy events are played over two weekends. The first weekend teams will play a round robin with the top two teams moving into the Champions League and the rest into the Europa League. The second weekend teams will continue to play a round robin and the winner of the league will be declared the winners of the competition. There are no knock outs in this competition.

These will be available for all age groups this season and included within your monthly league subscription. Entry is optional and you’ll need to ensure you have booked a place in these events.

U11 and above teams may enter 2 teams if they wish. U7/8 will play 5v5, U9/10 will play 7v7 and U11 and above will play 6v6.


3v3 has been piloted and very popular amongst our teams over the past season and is becoming the game that provides players with a fast paced, skilful game which is endorsed by Pete Sturgess from the FA as a potential game for U6,7,8 players in years to come as their format of football.

Out 3v3 events will be using inflatable sides meaning the ball will be in play for longer. Here are some of the benefits of playing 3v3:

  • More touches on the ball
  • Increased number of game related decision-making opportunities
  • Constant transition from attacking to defensive situations
  • Increased 1 vs. 1 encounters in both attacking and defending situations
  • Increased opportunities to utilise specific ball skills
  • Increased opportunity to be in a goal scoring position
  • Increased opportunities to be in a 2 vs. 1 attacking and defending situation

Teams will play non-competitive (U7-10) and competitive/non-competitive at U11 and above. These will be round robin matches of 8 minutes in length with approx. 5/6 games per session where possible.

Teams are able to enter more than 1 team in these events (up to 5 players per team) and again they are all included in your monthly subscription and are all optional. All players receive a participation medal.

Winter Futsal

Winter Futsal is provided for our younger age groups U7 and U8 teams. These are optional to enter but highly recommended. Games are played on Sunday’s throughout December and January to avoid young players being outside in the cold and participate in the highly successful game of Futsal. Closer to the time we’ll have a qualified Futsal trainer talk to team managers about the game and its benefits. These will be played as non-competitive and all players receive a medal.

This is included in your monthly subscription and available for U7 and U8 teams. If you do not enter games will be random across the ability levels with any team not entering.

Mid-Week Futsal

Our mid-week provision is provided by GTSET and runs from Franklin College and available for all age groups. This is NOT included in your monthly subscription and has a weekly fee. More information regarding this will be available shortly.

Competition Rules

Competition rules for all events are available in the league handbook.