“We only do positive” Award

The Crofts Estate Agents Youth Football League is proud to have won the Lincolnshire FA’s We only do positive award for 2018-19 Season.

We’d like to showcase all the “We Only Do Positive” things that happen within our league. Each month we’ll ask you to nominate anyone who shows great examples of “We only do positive” and we’ll pick a winner who will receive a prize from our Partners Myteamprint.

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Who can you nominate?

You can nominate a player, coach, team, supporter, volunteer, referee or anyone involved within your team!

What is the Criteria?

The only criteria is that it fits into the theme of “We only do positive” meaning we don’t want nominations of best goal or man of the match.

How do I nominate?

Enter your nomination here: https://forms.gle/tWbdjDPZLLb7VCAf6