To accommodate for FULL­TIME issues the league have changed the completion time to 48 hours after kick
off. So this means if you kick off at 2pm Sunday you have until 2pm Tuesday to enter your team sheet.
Results will still need to be in by mid­night of the date of the game either online or via text message.
Referees marks are out of 99 (as Full­time does not allow 100) and you only need to enter a referee mark for league appointed referees
Sporting marks are also out of 99 (as Full­time does not allow 100). Any marks previously entered out of 10 will be amended by the league.

If you have a league appointed referee and they do not turn up please ensure you email Steve Wright stevewright@gdjfl.co.uk and let him know so he can find out why they did not turn up.

Each month a player who has shown exceptional respect to others will win a pair of boots sponsored by Discount nike boots and trainers
Anyone can make a nomination. If you have seen exceptional respect please complete the from on the downloads page and the league committee will pick a winner each month

A Reminder that you are  allowed to change kick off times but must complete the form on the downloads page. You must agree with away team and if appointed the referee. You must ask the referee if it is OK not just tell them it is kicking off at a different time. If the referee doesn’t agree then 2pm kick off will stand. Home team to change FULL­TIME when agreed.
Remember if on league appointed ground the kick off’s must be 2pm

The league do not have a de­register a player system. Therefor any player registered to play for a team will be registered to that team until the transfer window which is the month of December.

A reminder that there are no postponements except for School activities which must be sent to the league secretary with a letter from the head teacher of the school. Failure to fulfil a fixture may incur a fine.

Please remember it is your responsibility to check the pitches prior to playing especially on public venues. A nasty incident happened this week with a player cutting themselves on glass. Please take care!

A reminder that for U11 and below the publishing of results (which includes social media) is a breach of league and FA rules. Development games are what they say development so publishing results may incur a fine.
Only festival / trophy event winners can be published.

A polite reminder that as per FA rules the referee who starts the game should finish the game. Which means you should not be swapping referees at half time.

● Remember to talk to your Club secretary first who may know the answer.
● A reminder that all of the committee have full­time jobs so may not reply straight away.
● Keep checking the website for information! We will be constantly updating the FULL­TIME site with information.

● Remember you will be fined for LOW referee mark without written report sent to the secretary, putting in a comment to full­time is not acceptable
● Late submission of result/team sheet is an instant fine, remember the times they must be submitted
● ID Cards MUST be available to any club or league official who asks to see them or a fine will be imposed